Sylvanna One-Shot: Time-Travel Discount

Our third one-shot story is here! Click to enlarge!

Our third one-shot story is here! Click to enlarge!

Our third one-shot is here! This time, I’m happy to feature the exploits of our favorite Bat-Spirits, Xixa and Alabaster. Not only are they our favorites, but in fact, they are they only two Bat-Spirits we know!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the One-Shots thus far. Fun fact: I turn these around in one day, start to finish, and often will use them as warm-up drawings before I get to serious comic work. Who would you like to see featured in the next one? Write to us, folks, and let us know!

On the Kickstarter end, we recently passed the $6,500 stretch-goal we set for ourselves. Onto the big $8k goal! Will we make it? I sure hope so! Regardless, your incredible support of our campaign is what brought you this little comic, and I’ll be happy to do another if we reach our big stretch-goal. Heck, I’ll do two! You guys have really knocked this out of the park and I am so very grateful for all the encouragement you’ve given to us in making Sylvanna a reality. Cheers to you!

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Bashu in the Forest

Hello and welcome to the future home of the Sylvanna webcomic:! We have some great things planned for this site, and not the least of which is an amazing comic series! This is the first joint effort between Gloryhound Network and BumbleKing Comics (Gloryking? BumbleHound?) with creators Dawn Best and Ian Flynn on board to bring you an adventure you won’t soon forget!

For now, you can see a synopsis of the story, its characters, and the world of Sylvanna. Stay tuned because our page will be adding new content regularly, leading up to our Kickstarter in February! Soon we’ll be coming alive with a community-site, including exclusive content and of course, our first preview-comic to get your appetites whetted!

Until then, thanks for stopping in and we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay!

The Team