World Maps

Information on the planet Sylvanna itself – the world in which our story takes place, will be showcased here! We’re always adding new content, so check back, often!

Sylvanna's Eastern Hemisphere.

Sylvanna’s Eastern Hemisphere

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Eastern Hemisphere Locations:

  • Sendra Village – Home of our main group of heroes: Bashu, Aya, Lisha and Zachary. One of the Sky Continent’s biggest Bat communities.
  • Ravenfall – The location where Cyngro was trapped within the planet by Xixa. Sky Continent access to the Maker’s Eye Citadel, below.
  • The Maker’s Eye Citadel – The Avian Capitol, and largest Avian settlement on the planet. Largely underground, it is accessed via Ravenfall.
  • Shangri-La Palace – The home of the ruling monarchy of Bats upon the Sky Continent.
  • The Endless Lake – The largest ocean on the planet.
Sylvanna's Western Hemisphere

Sylvanna’s Western Hemisphere 

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Western Hemisphere Locations:

  • Raindana Island – Home of the reclusive Tribal Bats, an isolated tropical island within the Endless Lake.
  • Sunula Island – Raindana’s “sister island”. Said to be cursed.
  • The Spine of the Sky Continent – Sylvanna’s largest and highest mountain range.
  • The Endless Lake – The largest ocean on the planet.

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