Want to join other readers and fans of Sylvanna, online? Of course you do! Here are several ways to connect:

Sylvanna’s forums are currently hosted on the world-famous Bumbleking Forums!
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Exclusive Content
Soon you will be able to access exclusive content by registering a user account and logging into This will be a free service, and by creating an account, you’ll also gain the ability to create a user profile and post comments on the site’s announcements.

Gold Membership and Premium Content
Like most webcomics, we always appreciate donations to keep us going and we’ve decided to reward anyone who pledges a one-time gift of $10 with access to top-secret, premium content and behind-the-scenes looks at the production of the book as it comes together. Want a discount? We have it planned that anyone pledging $5 or more to our Kickstarter will earn this reward if we are successfully funded! In addition, we will also have an exclusive forum that Gold Members will be able to post to, frequented and moderated by the creators themselves. Stay tuned!